NoTW staff use new media to turn on old employer

Some of the most fascinating details about the News of the World’s closure seem to be coming from former staff who are deeply unhappy about finding themselves out of a job today.

Anonymous Twitter feeds have been set up by people claiming to be former staffers on the paper and one (@ExNOTWJourno) already has more than 20,000 followers within days of appearing.!/ExNOTWJourno/status/89336911444967425

A blog which lifts the lid on News International is also promised by the person behind this activity, alongside a string of interviews with other media. Some followers have made the point that it’s a shame this person didn’t act earlier. But it’s someone to follow with interest nonetheless.

Another who claims links with the paper (@NOTW_Hack_News) has set up a YouTube channel loaded with clips – including the one below, which is the first of two recordings purporting to be of Rebekah Brooks briefing NoTW staff at the paper yesterday afternoon (details of which were tweeted live from Wapping by those who’ve turned to Twitter as an outlet for their frustrations).

Speaking about being ‘betrayed’ and the victim of a ‘witch hunt’ is hardly the language of someone prepared to accept responsibility for what’s happened. But the willingness of former staff to disclose such detail demonstrates that, while statements and being ‘on message’ with traditional media will get executives so far, the online world will require a more robust dialogue about what’s happened.

If News International is not prepared for this, there seems to be a growing number of people with axes to grind who are.

2 thoughts on “NoTW staff use new media to turn on old employer

  1. You whetted my appetite there with those twitter accounts but it appears they have been knobbled. Nothing interesting to see after all. A new story of NI hacking rogue twitter accounts? Or just some hacks being offered new jobs and therefore removing the evidence? Who knows.

    1. You’re right – the first one’s been taken down, although the second one does work – and there is load of stuff on the YouTube channel now. Someone’s doing a great job of bringing all of that together.

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