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This page contains pieces I’ve written for other publications over the years, on things I’m involved in or that matter to me – places, PR and people.

“It’s sad, but right, to say goodbye to the Grosvenor Hotel” Bristol24/7, April 2023.

‘Bristol needs a commitment to collaboration’ piece ahead of the referendum on the post of an elected mayor for Bristol. Bristol 24/47, April 2022

‘The key issues facing Bristol remain the same as they were before lockdown’The Voice, July 2020.

‘Bristol has demonstrated that actions will speak louder than words’Bristol24/7, June 2020.

‘Toppling Colston’s statue could be an iconic moment for Bristol’PR Week, June 2020.

Building trust makes complete business senseSouth West Business Insider, March 2018.

‘Collaboration is more than a buzz word‘ – Housebuilder, November 2016.