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Ben Lowndes, portrait image
Me, in Bristol in January 2022

Ben Lowndes, Director at Distinctive Communications

As a public relations professional, I help organisations communicate well, engage the public and build trust in their work.

I am owner and Director of Distinctive Communications in Bristol. I’ve worked in the South West since moving from Manchester in 2010.

I care about people and places. Both regularly amaze me by their ability to adapt and cope with change. Conversations about how places and businesses can be a force for good and improve lives inspire me.

Professional background

Before returning to agency life in 2015, I spent five years in the communications team at the Homes and Communities Agency (now called Homes England). The HCA supported around half of all of new houses built in the South West during that period.

I am proud to be one of a growing number of Chartered CIPR Practitioners. I write regularly about public relations and engagement – on this blog and in national, trade and regional titles.

Before working in publications relations, I was a journalist. I worked nights on the Sheffield Star, days on its sister paper the Doncaster Star and on papers in Reading.

Pembrokeshire born and bred, I’m seen at the Druidstone or in Broad Haven when home. I worked behind the bar at the Dru for a few years (a long time ago).

After living in Manchester and Sheffield, I live in Somerset today, with my wife, two kids and various pets.

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  1. Bravo Lowndes my boy. Good to see you blogging and slogging. Be very good to speak to you soon. Do you still know how to use a telephone? x

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