Links I like 13.06.25

Insights into site search – Government Digital Service
The digital team at the Cabinet Office blogs every day about its work to bring the websites of all Government departments and their sponsor bodies under the single banner. It’s a huge and impressive undertaking which has seen tens of thousands of documents uploaded in recent months, including a few that relate to my work. This post talks about getting the search function right by striking the balance between those who are familiar with the former Government sites and those who have no connection with them and need to access services or information without having to dig for it. The analysis of the ‘long tail’ created by the thousands of search terms outlines the task ahead of them.

Links I like 11.08.29

The anatomy of a perfect landing page –
This post contains an ‘at a glance’ breakdown of the elements of a decent website landing page. People who’ve worked in newspapers or magazines will be familiar with many of the prompts here, making one of the most helpful aspects of this piece confirmation that setting out online content will not be alien to those who are more used to traditional media. Glad to say the last couple of sites I’ve worked on contain (most of) these key features.