Links I like 11.10.9

In praise of the Peak District – Living with rats
Sheffield-based journalist Julian Dobson writes about one of England’s treasures, on the fringes of the Steel City. I got married in the Peak District when we lived in the north and will always have fond memories of the area. I enjoyed reading this piece over the weekend. Must go back soon.

‘They eat horses, don’t they?’ – Tabloid Watch
I love this blog, which looks at outrageous tabloid reporting that has become so commonplace that it barely registers a comment elsewhere. In this post, The Sun’s reporting of a mythical marketing campaign supposedly aimed at stopping travellers from eating horses is, ahem, digested. The truth is slightly duller than the report suggests. I think the story would fail the Corn Flakes test in my house. A spiteful sideswipe, which deserves to be ridiculed.

Links I like 11.04.17

‘Rethink: gypsies and travellers’ – Ciara Leeming
Gypsies and travellers have been in the news in the recent days (with proposed sites with HCA involvement attracting some attention), and the headlines often come with a slant. So it’s good to see Ciara Leeming get underneath the headlines and the ‘big fat wedding’ hype and report dispassionately about the gypsy and traveller community on her blog. Excellent writing and images from someone who has taken the trouble to understand the subject.