Measurement made doable for local authorities

I’ve been spending the last couple of days reading an excellent report by Westminster City Council into how it measures its communications activity.

I think the industry is good at talking about evaluation, as anyone who reads PR Week will know, but seems less certain of delivering it consistently and well. I’ve been involved in some decent campaigns, which were able to demonstrate real results (sorry, outcomes) that were directly linked to communications.

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Links I like 11.08.23

Eleven ways to measure the value of social media – Econsultancy
This blog posting by Jake Hird covers some of the challenges faced by those who are looking for the value in their organisation’s social media activity. He is critical of PRs (and given the industry’s lack of consistency to evaluation, this is probably justified). But there are some good pointers in here for people who are looking to get to grips with the question of how social media is benefitting their business.