Looking south west: are you up for joining us?

Just over a year ago, we left our offices to start working from home – all together, at once. I wrote then about how our culture would help us through the tough times ahead. So, it’s proved to be.

In the year that’s followed my emotional trudge from our Bristol office, we’ve invested considerable time and energy in supporting each other through lockdown,

That support, implicit in our Life Happens company value, enabled us to grow during this most challenging of years. In the South West, we’ve doubled in size and are working on high profile, incredibly exciting accounts.

Although it’s been breathless at times, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved. Our team promoted high quality places on sites with capacity for more than 12,000 homes last year. We’ve put the £85m regeneration of Gloucester city centre on a national platform. We’ve engaged communities on the future of Portishead town centre, drawing feedback from hundreds of people in the process. All this and more during lockdown. 

Growing together 

As we move back into a new office in Bristol we’re also looking for a senior person to help us grow our offer from an office in Exeter, covering the Greater South West area.

Of all the challenging things from last year, I’ve found it most difficult to articulate a clear position on what we want the office to be. It’s been a frequently discussed subject, which I’ll return to soon.

What I’ll say for now is that we have a blank canvas and a chance for someone to make their mark with us in a region where we’re well respected, have a good footprint and brilliant clients.

It won’t be right for everyone. It’ll be hard work. And it’s still challenging times for the industry, of course. But it’s be a fantastic opportunity to grow with a company that’s committed to doing things the right way. Some other reasons 👇.

We have a supportive culture, which champions flexible working and professional development. We want to combine the best of office life with a ‘work-from-anywhere’ approach when we’re able to work away from home. This is why this year we offered 30 days’ annual leave and five days’ volunteering leave as part of our commitment to teams’ work-life-blance and wellbeing.

We’re working with great partners, who want to make a difference. They include local authorities, charities and companies who are striving to create many thousands of decent jobs. How we live, work, travel and buy things is changing before our eyes. We’re proud to support organisations who want to address these challenges, and not just respond to them.

We have an amazing team, who are experts in their fields – whether it be community engagement, media relations, digital, social or creative. More importantly, we get on well and pull together when it matters. I’m lucky to have known some Social colleagues for many years and feel amongst friends here. That’s been a huge plus for us as we’ve navigated the last year.

One team, two great cities and plenty of opportunities to make a mark. Are you up for joining us?

Drop me a line if you are.