Pembrokeshire puma caps a hell of a week

For reasons I am uncomfortable blogging about (and won’t, after some deliberation), some of the week’s headlines have made my head spin.

What started as an uncomfortable Monday for Sky Sports turned into a nightmare week for its parent, News International. Two of the broadcaster’s star turns landed themselves in trouble and kept digging when they should have sought PR advice (anyone who heard Richard Keys’ amazing radio interview on Wednesday could be forgiven for thinking he didn’t get why he was at the centre of a storm).

Then the story merged weirdly with the other tale of the week, the News of the World phone hacking scandal, when people started making links between Andy’s Gray’s sacking and his move to sue the paper (Will Self referenced it on BBC Question Time, which devoted more than a quarter of the show to both topics). Things were moving so quickly by Thursday that if you dipped into this story every couple of hours, it was easy to lose the thread.

The Guardian even started a live blog on Thursday’s events.

I’ve been shocked (genuinely) at some of the angles that have emerged this week. Maybe one day, I will say why; but for now only those who know me well understand the reason for this.

To top everything off, on the way home a good friend texted me to let me know that a puma was on the loose near my home town in Pembrokeshire.

That was the week that was.